Master the Art of Designing with Silicone.

In this 29-slide presentation and video, you'll get a comprehensive guide to designing products with silicone in prototyping and production, from product design experts Brett Swope and Robyn Nariyoshi from Swope Design Solutions.


In the presentation we cover:

1. What is Silicone?

Learn the material properties and common characteristics of silicone, to inform solutions and applications in product design.


2.  Design Applications for Silicone

In this section we cover the common applications for silicone in product design, including:

  • Food contact
  • Wearables
  • Light pipes
  • Industrial applications
  • Aerospace
  • Medical applications


3. Silicone Cure Types

We cover 3 different types of curing for silicone and the pros & cons + design considerations for each:

  1. Platinum Cure
  2. Tin Cure
  3. Peroxide Cure

4. Design Considerations for Working with Silicone

When it comes to working with silicone in product design, there are some important design considerations to keep in mind. Here we cover some of the most important considerations, including:

  • Non-linear behavior
  • Elongation/stretch of silicone
  • Shrinkage
  • Radii/fillets to increase tear strength
  • Wall thicknesses, undercuts, and tolerances
  • Cosmetic considerations for production
  • Overmolding

5. Silicone for Prototyping vs Production

Depending on your design stage, there are different fabrication processes to consider for producing silicone parts. Here we cover three fabrication processes for prototyping through production and the typical leads times and costs for each:

  1. Compression Molding
  2. Transfer Molding
  3. Injection Molding

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