Learn the Fundamentals of Tolerance Analysis.

In this 42-slide presentation, you'll learn the basics of completing a tolerance analysis for a variety of manufacturing processes. The presentation will walk you through:

1. Important Keyword Definitions

Learn definitions to relevant keywords you should know.

Tolerance Analysis Keywords

2.  How to Determine Tolerance Across Difference Fabrication Processes

Learn how to determine a tolerance from both design and manufacturing perspectives, and common tolerances achieved by difference fabrication processes. 

Fictiv CNC Machining Tolerances

3. How to Define a Tolerance in an Engineering Drawing

Learn the most common ways to define tolerances on an engineering drawing (a.k.a. prints), including:

  • Symmetric - where tolerance is applied equally to the high and low side of the nominal dimension
  • Limits - where maximum and minimum dimensions are shown on the drawing with no nominal dimension
  • Block Tolerance - where a block on the drawing defines tolerances based on the number of decimal places of nominal dimension.

4. Practical Examples of Tolerance Analysis and Drawing Creation

Review several practical examples of how to conduct a tolerance analysis, including:

  • Worst Case Analysis (WC)
  • Root Sum Square (RSS) - statistical
  • Monte Carlo Simulation (MC) - statistical.

Tolerance Analysis Worst Case Analysis


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